06 Oct Where to Buy the Best Brandy Online

In a world where massive online retailers like Amazon, AliBaba and eBay dominate the market for global shopping needs, it can be difficult to find dependable specialist or niche online merchants that concentrate on selling just one product. This can be especially demanding when you’re looking for real quality over things like speed of delivery or low prices. When it comes to buying brandy online, the ideal merchant will have a range of good quality products, a helpful online buying guide and reliable shipping options available.

As with any other online purchase, it is recommended that customers use trusted platforms that have made a name for themselves based on superior services, security and scope of products. Just like you’d browse for cloud storage services to host your photos and documents, gaming sites to entertain you with card games, or booking sites to provide unique holiday accommodation, there are sites you can trust to order brandy from.

If you’re looking to top up your brandy reserves anytime soon then you’re in luck – we’ve put together a list of top brandy retailers who can be trusted to provide good customer service as well as superior products. Every merchant listed below should stock a plentiful range of products, and cater for all palates, preferences and pockets.

The Drink Shop

The Drink Shop is the perfect introduction to online brandy shopping; it currently stocks 20 different types of brandy ranging from fruity Bols flavours through to Thompson’s superior taste. Although this is certainly not a luxury outlet, it gets the job done when looking to purchase a bottle of the good stuff at a price that matches. This online business is based in the UK but it ships products worldwide for a very reasonable price. It even provides tasty cocktail recipes for you to make at home including the Brandy Smash, Brandy Perfect and Brandy Cuban. The layout of the website itself is simple but effective, which makes it user friendly, and it offers gift wrapping services if you’re buying a present for somebody (or for yourself!). If you’re just looking for something reliable and to-the-point, then look no further than The Drink Shop.

Reserve Bar

Reserve Bar certainly takes things up a notch, providing luxury brand names at competitive prices. It has a much wider range of brandies listed, including the gold standard Hennessy, Cîroc, Remy Martin and more. This is an American based retailer and their company motto is, “Good Spirits. Delivered”. This speaks for their dedication to offering a superior product with first-rate customer service, and at the convenience of the customer. Their focus is on quality, tradition and taste, all primary concerns for the discerning brandy connoisseur. This is a great place to shop if you want limited edition bottles, boxed gift sets that include extra treats like brandy glasses, or a custom engraving service. Reserve Bar regularly offers special promotions that can make spending that little bit extra well worth it. Although it currently only ships within the US, it is looking to expand.


Drizly is the best option by miles when it comes to a user-friendly interface and broad selection of products. This young company claims to be the world’s largest alcohol marketplace, and it certainly has a wide reach within North America. It currently ships all over Canada and the USA, offering drinks of all types to its customers. The big draw for Drizly is that it promises to deliver your order within 60 minutes; this makes it the perfect option to use when you’re hosting an event with friends and you need to top up your catering fast. It’s also a great emergency alternative for situations when nearby shops are closed or don’t stock the brandy that you’re looking for. The selection of brandy on offer here is simply enormous, covering everything from budget brands to the best of the best.


If you’re in Europe rather than the USA, then a great platform to use is Berevita. It ships all over the EU and prices remain affordable for the products themselves and for shipping. Although the range of brandies on offer isn’t enormous here (just 25 results are listed), they do offer great quality brands and interesting alternatives to the average American selection. The blog is a good resource if you want to learn more about drinks and spirits in general, as well as offering some easy-to-follow cocktail recipes. It’s always worth checking out the special offers on this site, as you can make significant savings if you make sure to shop smart. Although the people behind Berevita specialise in whiskey, they are experts on all alcoholic beverages and you can tell that they take their business seriously. If you find yourself in Europe, then this is certainly a brandy merchant worthy of your attention.