14 Sep What to Mix With Your Brandy


If you’ve been looking into what to mix a spot of your favourite brandy with it’s likely that you’ve come across this a few times already. Brandy and Champagne is a cocktail that’s been gaining some notoriety of late and it isn’t hard to see why. Combining the two will give you a wonderfully delightful gape blend, the Champagne, with its tight bubbles will supply your mouth with a fine velvety taste, while the somewhat yeasty notes it has beautifully compliment brandy’s rather fruity flavour. It backs a nice range that will have you opting for just one more glass but be careful it’s strong stuff.


It seems like such a standard and obvious option that coke probably sounds like the most boring on the list. I have tried to include some more intriguing concoctions, but the truth is I simply had to mention it because brandy and coke go together so well. In fact, I’d go as far to say that brandy is perhaps even the best spirit you can have with coke, that’s because those fruity tones it produces add a delightful sweetness that you won’t find with other spirits like whisky or rum. Combine this with the added vanilla and caramel notes of the brandy and you have yourself the perfect pairing.

 Iced Tea

If it’s a summer cocktail your looking for then you really can’t go wrong when adding brandy to your iced tea. As you’ll likely know, one of the many great things about brandy is that it can come in so many different fruity flavours, which is spot on when you’re looking at livening up your iced cold sweet tea. For a Southern classic get yourself a fine peach brandy and add to a big ol’ pitcher of iced tea. Garden parties never tasted so great.

Hot Chocolate

Brandy may be a great drink to have all year round but let’s be honest with ourselves here, there’s no better time of year to drink it than on those cold and snowy winters days. Put it this way, there’s a reason St Bernard’s used to carry the stuff in small barrels around there necks to rescue avalanche victims (even if it is a myth). If you’re looking for the ultimate Winter Warmer, then look no further than Hot Chocolate with a nice healthy glug of brandy. Once again, the fruity notes of this wonderful spirit further add to the scrumptious sweetness we love to get from our cocoa, and nothing could warm our bones more than drinking one of these by a roaring fire. If you prefer you can also mix brandy with coffee too, a cocktail that has been growing in popularity as of late. Its sweetness helps to cut the bitterness you get in a coffee, and with those aforementioned caramel and vanilla notes you’ll find it’s just like adding a sweet syrup to your latté, only with more of a kick to it.