19 Sep The World’s Best Brandy Bars – Part 2

The Office, Chicago, USA continued

Their choice of brandies ranges between VSOP qualities and vintages. It’s also a great venue to find rarer brandies from smaller producers. Some of their brandies are from artisan producer Jean Luc Pasquet. If you like brandy cocktails or long drinks, the most commonly used brandy you’ll find here is the Pierre Ferrand 1840. If you’d like to try their most popular cocktail, it’s a close call between the Vieux Carre and the Sidecar.

Le Lion–Bar de Paris, Hamburg, Germany

won’t blow you away with its range of brandies but it will give you an experience you will never forget with one of its brandy cocktails. That’s not altogether surprising, considering this is one of the city’s very best cocktail bars.

Once you’ve entered the venue, there’s very little that won’t impress you: from the comfortable seating to its ambient lighting to its highly-knowledgeable bar staff. They offer just one brand of Cognac: Park – at VSOP and XO qualities. A number of the bar’s customers prefer it neat. You’ll understand why once you’ve sampled Park’s XO this way. Seeing as Le Lion are specialists in cocktails, it would be foolish not to take advantage of their expertise.

Among the more popular brandy cocktails available here are the Sazerac and the Burnt Fuselage. The undisputed favourite, however, is the Prince of Wales. The mix of Champagne, Angostura Bitters, D.O.M Benedictine, and VSOP Cognac is made by one of the professional mixology staff and served up in a silver-coloured goblet. It’s almost tempting not to drink the cocktail as you don’t want to have to give the cup back. Still, you could always order a second. And third.

Bar Luciole, Cognac, France

The wonderful bar situated on the Charente River is the world’s most unique venue when it comes to drinking brandy. Scientists, after all, have already proven that your levels of pleasure are affected by the location in which you taste either food or drink. It stands to reason, then, that drinking brandy in Cognac should provide a pleasurable experience.

In fact, should you be planning a visit, you should prepare for your senses to reach whole new levels of pleasure!

Tony Conigliaro and Guillaume Le Dormer run this stunning venue. Whatever your choice of tipple here, you’ll be personally introduced to it by one of the team. The drinks range from the youngest VS to Hors d’Age, Vintages, XOs, and everything else in between. As the venue is situated in the heart of Cognac, producers are in a position to directly communicate with Tony and Guillaume in a bid to have their offerings included in the range on offer at the bar. The result of this is an eclectic range, with choices from small artisan producers to others provided by the big four.

Having a collection as wide as theirs means that it’s hard to single out one particular brandy as more popular than the rest. Most visitors to the venue don’t just try one, however. The team focuses on a house of the month and also offers events where they pair brandy with cheese, chocolate, or other such delectables.