10 May How Brandy can Keep a Body Healthy – Part 2

Helping the Heart

It should immediately be noted that in excess any alcoholic beverage will be bad for the heart. That being said the journal titled Food Chemistry, published in the year 2009 studied brandy and came to the conclusion that it actually contains anti-oxidant properties. These properties can help to reduce the levels of negative cholesterol in one’s heart which helps to balance out cholesterol levels over all which reduces plaque build-up. But the benefits don’t end there, it also contains polyphenolic compounds, these reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system significantly and ease tension in the blood vessels which then lowers your overall blood pressure in the process. This will help to both prevent heart attacks and strokes too. In order to achieve these results only small doses are needed, one glass after your dinner is the recommended amount for it to be safe and beneficial.


It’s thanks to the copper in the barrels used to age brandy that it gets antioxidant qualities. These qualities help the drink to provide many of its benefits, one of those is its ability to help prevent certain symptoms of the aging process. It may not be the elixir of life however it will help in the prevention of cognitive issues, wrinkles on the skin, failing vision and other issues that will occur as we find ourselves growing older. Antioxidants are a beautiful thing, they help to prevent cellular death that occurs in our hair, skin, internal organs and our brains. Dr. Gordon Troup and the rest of his team in Monash University in Melbourne, Australia have surmised that a single shot of brandy actually contains the same antioxidant potential as 90mg of vitamin C.

Possible Cancer Prevention

Very recent research has pointed to the possibility that brandy may be a preventative against the growth of various forms of cancer. Brandy contains ellagic acid, this powerful organic compound can activate a specific gene, one that impedes the development and metastasis of the cancerous cells in the body. It is something that is typically seen in ovarian and bladder cancer. Hopefully this new research could lead to some marvellous breakthroughs, if so, it could certain increase the drinks popularity in the current market.

The Cons

It is important to remember that as with any alcoholic beverage you must ensure that drink it responsibly. There are many reasons to avoid taking into too much of the substance. Side effects can include damage to you internal organs, chiefly your liver, kidney and heart, hypoglycaemia, which is described as a severe drop in your blood sugar levels, a hangover, which of course nobody wants, and possibly even an alcohol addiction, something that will cause detriment to your nervous system, both your physical and psychological health and the lives of those around you.

For guidance one drink of brandy consists of 1.25 ounces, men should drink no more than two drinks of it a day and women no more than one. You should not drink brandy if you aren’t an adult or if you are on medication or pregnant. Always drink responsibly.