27 Feb How Brandy can Keep a Body Healthy – Part 1

Perhaps because brandy is an alcoholic beverage you would assume that its consumption can only have benefit for recreational activities. Well if you this is the case then you my friend may well be in for a pleasant surprise. This strong, alcoholic spirit made by distilling wine and fermenting fruit may actually have several benefits to our health, benefits such as helping us sleep, building up our immune systems, boosting the health of our heart and even preventing cancer. I’m aware that this sounds too good to be true but studies have shown that all these things are possible and more. So, without further ado, let us take a look at these wonderful benefits that come from drinking this wonderful drink.

Relieving Respiratory Problems

The drink has been used as an effective means in order to relieve respiratory problems for a long time, this is thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Illnesses such as sore throats and coughs have traditionally been treated using brandy, its strong alcohol content will help to loosen up mucus and phlegm which helps to eliminate the symptoms sooner. Recent studies that were published by the British Journal of the Diseases of the Chest suggests that by drinking brandy rather than wine, beer or whiskey is much better at relieving the symptoms, even helping to reduce the symptoms of asthma, or as I like the call it “The Chest Menace”.

Bolstering the Immune System

There are several factors in the make-up of brandy that actually make the beverage effective in boosting your immune system. Not only does it have natural warming properties but it also has the ability to help you relax, which in turn can induce a healthy and deep sleep which helps your body to repair, keeping you fighting fit the next day. Even better, brandy is actually antibacterial in nature, which further helps aid your immune system. It’s a drink that has actually been used to fight off both the common cold and the flu for hundreds of years now.

Aiding Sleep

As mentioned previously brandy has a relaxing quality that can help induce a healthy sleep for those that struggle to achieve one. Research conducted by the director of research at the Sleep Disorders and Research Center of the Henry Ford Hospital, Dr. Timothy Roehrs and Dr. Thomas Roth the professor of psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neuroscience in Wayne State University, Michigan has suggested that low doses of the drink can even help induce sleep in insomniacs. The high alcohol levels in brandy act as a depressant, this can will help further lull the body into rest, hence the use of a night cap by many. It is important however to bear in mind that ingesting high quantities of alcohol will have many negative effects too. Though it is easy to fall asleep, by taking too much your body will be unable too reach the REM state, therefore not allowing you to fully rest. Make sure you stick to small doses.