14 Sep What to Mix With Your Brandy

Champagne If you’ve been looking into what to mix a spot of your favourite brandy with it’s likely that you’ve come across this a few times already. Brandy and Champagne is a cocktail that’s been gaining some notoriety of late and it isn’t hard to see why. Combining the two will give you a wonderfully […]

20 Jul 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Brandy

It’s One of the Oldest Spirits in the World That’s right, brandy is one of the worlds oldest of spirits, the process required to make it has been known to us since classical times. Significant beverage production of this classic drink first took place in the 15th century. Remy Martin is a brand of Cognac […]

28 Nov 6 of the Finest Brandy Cocktails

Brandy is used in more classic cocktails than you might think. Unfortunately, many have been lost over time and are limited to the pages of old and worn out bartending guides. A small selection of the very best drinks, however, have survived the passing years and remain favourites of many a cocktail lover. These drinks […]