30 NovWinter Tale: Brandy and A Sinful Dessert

As every year, December is like an uncontrollable force. Unfinished works, plans, preparation for Christmas, shopping, and parties. Everything falls on your head at the same moment. All the notebooks are full: how many works and events await today, tomorrow, all week. But the more you do, the more you done. This is the eternal […]

12 NovThe World’s Most Expensive Brandy’s

1762 Gautier Cognac Cost: £35,000 This £35,000 bottle of 1762 Gautier Cognac is one of the worlds oldest authenticated vintages of the drink, dating back over three centuries. It was sold to an online bidder at an auction, it is a real piece of history, in fact, it still has the handwritten label on the […]

14 SepWhat to Mix With Your Brandy

Champagne If you’ve been looking into what to mix a spot of your favourite brandy with it’s likely that you’ve come across this a few times already. Brandy and Champagne is a cocktail that’s been gaining some notoriety of late and it isn’t hard to see why. Combining the two will give you a wonderfully […]

20 Jul5 Things You Didn’t Know About Brandy

It’s One of the Oldest Spirits in the World That’s right, brandy is one of the worlds oldest of spirits, the process required to make it has been known to us since classical times. Significant beverage production of this classic drink first took place in the 15th century. Remy Martin is a brand of Cognac […]

10 MayHow Brandy can Keep a Body Healthy – Part 2

Helping the Heart It should immediately be noted that in excess any alcoholic beverage will be bad for the heart. That being said the journal titled Food Chemistry, published in the year 2009 studied brandy and came to the conclusion that it actually contains anti-oxidant properties. These properties can help to reduce the levels of […]

27 FebHow Brandy can Keep a Body Healthy – Part 1

Perhaps because brandy is an alcoholic beverage you would assume that its consumption can only have benefit for recreational activities. Well if you this is the case then you my friend may well be in for a pleasant surprise. This strong, alcoholic spirit made by distilling wine and fermenting fruit may actually have several benefits […]

28 Jan250 Years of Hennessy

There was a myth around cognac that existed for quite some time. For years, it was believed that those who drank it were either rappers or silver-haired white men. While those two demographics have been known to enjoy the drink, many others from various other groups love nothing more than sipping on a glass of […]

21 Jan6 Surprising Facts About Hennessy

Just like Bacardi and Jack Daniel’s, Hennessy is a distilled spirit brand name that has evolved from a term banded around by casual spirit fans into a darling of pop culture. While many generations of brandy drinkers have relished the cognac during its lengthy existence, however, a very small number are aware of the history […]

11 JanThe Basics of Brandy

Brandy is a beverage that over the years has become something of an elite’s drink. Something that you can only imagine the upper classes and perhaps war veterans or cigar smoking grandads to be drinking. In fact, you’d be excused for not even knowing what it is, I can’t picture many people heading down to […]

20 DecYour First Steps on Your Cognac Journey

Today, we have brandies representing countries from all over. The drink that we typically refer to when we utter the word “brandy”, however, is cognac. Cognac is only made in one region of southeast France. Made from French oak varieties it’s primary distilled from ugni blanc grapes and aged in barrels for years. Other grape […]