28 Jan 250 Years of Hennessy

There was a myth around cognac that existed for quite some time. For years, it was believed that those who drank it were either rappers or silver-haired white men. While those two demographics have been known to enjoy the drink, many others from various other groups love nothing more than sipping on a glass of the brandy. In fact, cognac has been given renewed attention recently, thanks to millennials enjoying it in a cocktail.

One clear winner

Generation X appears to be jumping on the bandwagon as well, however. While cognac is indeed enjoying a period of even more popular than usual, there is one clear winner when it comes to which brand is coming out on top: Hennessy. When anyone is asked to think of an iconic spirit brand, the name that most likely comes to them is Hennessy. It receives mentions on the Internet, in music, on TV shows, basically pretty much everywhere. The brand is so immersed in popular culture, many people don’t even realise the amount of influence that cognac has on the world.

A town full of cognac workers

Hennessy is produced in Cognac, France. The charming town is comprised of around 22,000 residents. Most of these residents are employed by the cognac industry, such as in a bottling factory or a distillery. Hennessey is the lone cognac house that hires and trainers coopers (a barrels and casts maker). The Hennessy Tasting Committee comes together for one hour on a daily basis to taste a selection of eaux de vie. During this tasting, they decide which category to assign it: Imperial, X.O. (Extra Old), V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale), or V.S. (Very Special).

Traditions for years

While a job on the tasting committee might sound like a cush job, it doesn’t limit its work to tasting. They do more important work, in fact, by working one-on-one with local farmers to ascertain whether their eaux de vie is up to their required standard or not. The brand has been working with the very same farmers for years. They have an affinity for tradition throughout the entire cognac process. Hennessy embraces people from all walks of life, whether a rapper, king, stay-at-home mum, or businesswoman. While some iconic brands have a history of a degree of racism or sexism, Hennessy has long embraced the notion of advocating women’s rights and supporting black people.

Celebrity culture and staying relevant

To remain relevant in popular culture, Hennessy continues to work with musicians, artists, and celebrities. This has helped the brand maintain its legendary status and stay on top its game. It’s difficult to find anyone who is unaware of Hennessy or by its affectionate name, “Henny”. If you’re ever in the French Countryside, make sure that you visit Cognac along the way. Hennessy not too long ago established a brand new state-of-the-art visitor centre where brandy fans can go on a sensory journey with the drink. You’ll definitely want to have a go at the best part: a cognac tasting.