12 Oct 10 Best American Brandies – Part 2

In part 1, we covered the first four brandies on our list of the finest American brandies, so now it’s time forthe remaining six that you should definitely try or, at the very least, know of.

  • Germain-Robin Alembic Brandy One-Time Blend No. 25, $75 (Germain-Robin, CA)

You’ll definitely want to try this splendid limited edition. Once it’s had time to settle, the brandy seduces with its baked pear aromas, fresh fig, and golden raisin. The delicate palate intert wines baking spice, fruit, and crème brûlée, and finishes with dried accents of orange peel, leather, and dark chocolate. Some might say that it isn’ unlike a quality Armagnac but it’s actually the epitome of the finest American brandies. Acombination of ’97 Sémillon, ’93 Pinot Noir, and a relatively young Colombard.

  • Angela and Gene A&G Reserve Michigan Brandy, $46 (St. Julian Wine Company, MI)



Despite the fact that Michigan grapes are involved in the making of this brandy, it also tastes much like that Normandy apple brandy, Calvados. The aroma offers an oak and orchard fruit scent, with the palate offering baked apple, and dark honey, with a crisp finish of hints of clove, oak, tea, and vanilla. Made with a Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Gris grapesbase.

  • Blue Sky Mining Brandy, $40/375 ml (Copper and Kings, KY);

A glass of honey hue, with bright, look for orchard fruit that is bright and jazzy both on the palate and the nose, in addition to a taste that reminds you of beer and a note of her baceous chamomile. There’s alsoa finish with a hint of pear. Made with a Muscat brandy with a 30-day finish.This one needs dilution thanks to being 100 proof.

  • Dogfish Head Esprit Malade, $34/375 ml (Dogfish Head Distilling, DE)

This can be regarded as a cider-spirit hybrid, made using acombination of sweet, alcohol-free cider and harder apple cider, along with apple brandy aged in the barrel. While it’s juicy and contains little by the way of alcohol, it packs quite the punch. Expect vanilla and bright apricotscents, an amber hue, and a sweet palate brought alive by mouth watering acidity and citrusy tang. It isn’t unlike such French beverages as Pommeau, two drinks that also combine brandy and juice.

  • Marlenas Apple Brandy, $40/375 ml (USA; Copper and Kings, KY);

Here we have a non-typical five-years aged apple brandy, with two years spent in tequila barrels. Marlenas offers light fresh apple, oak, and vanilla aromas, along with a golden hue. While the palate starts out soft, it accelerates into vanilla, oak, and cayenne, before edging into a spicyfade. The addition of water brings out tropical notes, although the flavour doesn’t really survive if over-diluted, so don’t go overboard.

  • Spirit of St. Supery, $100 (St. Supery Estate Vineyards, CA)

Las but definitely not the least, this addition is sure tocapture attention and please the taste buds. Made from a Moscato base fromestate, the light brandy tastes like white flowers and honey on the palate and noseand offers a floral finish with a flicker of ginger.